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I was not going to do colour................. but..........

I was totally into black and white. I use the NIK filters of which an old version is still to find online from the time it was of Google. These filters work on colour pictures too and can make such wonderful pictures that I could not resist to do some in colour too.
Especially nature looks so good in colour. A friend of mine says they are beautiful, but not depicting the reality. Well that may be true, but I do not care. To me the result counts. Of course people think differently about that and that is ok. We are not the same. And we don't want to be.

De presets in Lightroom and Photoshop that are so popular at the moment do the same and probably even better. These are just free.

I hope you enjoy the pictures shown here and that you give it a try yourself: finding the NIK filters online and use them on your regular pictures and see what they can do for you.

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