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Street photography

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Lately street photography has become more and more 'en vogue'. Everyone having a phone with a camera takes pictures of others and eachother in all kinds of places, so also in the streets.
One of the most famous photographers doing that, is Henry Cartier Bresson. He did it already for ages: photographing people in their normal circumstances and he made great pictures of them.

It is great to observe people and see what they do, how they behave. In July 2022 I went to Amsterdam and photographed people there around The Dam. Most of them are tourists enjoying the place and making sure their family and friends wil know they are there!

Here is an impression. (There are even two colourphotos among them. The first ones ever on this website)
More will follow tho. Some things just need colour...............

The way I use to make the pictures is putting a 35mm lens on the camera (full frame, otherwise use a 24mm on a crop sensor) sothat you got a medium wide angle. Then while carrying the camera in front of me, I sort of aim at my subject. The camera uses only one point to focus in the middle. You need some practice but you will get better and better at it. The photos I took in Den Helder (see page under 'events') almost all were sharp enough to publish. So again it proves Practice makes perfect ;-)

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