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Welcome to my website. I love photography since I was a kid and I owned several cameras over the years. The last ten to fifteen years I owned several Nikon digital cameras. At the moment I have a D7100 and a D750. Both cameras handle the same, tho the D750 is a full frame camera, which means that the sensor is just as large as the old 35mm negative film. Because they handle the same there is no need to think of what camera I have in my hands. I can just do what i always do.
I have several lenses, most zoomlenses, but at the moment I try to keep with only one lens.
1The 50mm for the full frame, and the 35mm for the D7100, which has a smaller sensor and therefor the 35mm for that is the same as the 50mm for the other one. But I must say I get temped at times to put a 35mm slightly wideangle on the D750 for especially nature to get more in the picture, of when closeby.... for the same reason.
That is difficult as it is much easier to have a zoomlens so you can zoom in, or out from your subject to get it all in the image.
With a fixed lens you cannot. You have to move, if you can, and otherwise you have to frame the picture with a part of your subject. This forces you to think what part is  most important to be captured within the frame and the you are forced to compose a picture, instead of zooming and 'take' it.
And after many years of zooming that can be darn annoying. You may try it yourself some time. At least it will change your photography because you need to change your attitude. And that might lead to nice results you would not have had otherwise.
And afraid you would miss THE shot? You can always bring the zoom too in your bag, tucked away. In case that.

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