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Sail Den Helder 2023

Den Helder organized its Sail since 30 years mostly regularly every four years. This was the first year I visited. It is wonderful to visit when you love old ships. But, too, if you just love to make great pictures this is the place to be.
Even if you come by car. There is a very large parking facility outside of Den Helder, where you park for free. Buses will take you to the harbour, also for free. I think that is a great service, making it so much easier to visit and have an enjoyable day.
I roamed the harbour area to make pictures of the ships itself, some details that drew my attention and of people. So if you are into streetphotography it is a great place too for visiting.
I explain the way I took the pictures on the page 'streetphotography'.

2025 Amsterdam will have its next Sailevent again. Maybe see you there!

At the bottom of the page, under my pictures you can find some links.
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